The Keelcrab 2020 version

The new drone features

The Keelcrab 2020 version

The new drone features

Same Concept, new Upgrades

The Keelcrab has always been improved across a tireless and continuous research and development.

This year Aeffe ltd release an enhanced The Keelcrab version always with the same vision and know-how about our products concept. The goal is improving efficiency and time cleaning, so that professionals are satisfied in drone utilization and on the other hand a better customer satisfation: boatowners look for a service beyond the cleaning service, ensuring a hull in optimal condition all the year, better sailing performance and more fuel saving.

Drone vs Robot

The construction logic of the drone is not a theoretical concept: our product keep being designed to promote parts replacement in order to guaranteee its long-term usability. For this reason we do not compare it to a robot with a product life cycle quantified with the warranty period and programmed for obsolescence.

Concerning the drone maintenance, let's give a look to all the new upgrades..

Speed and Power

  • Better sumption capacity: engine enhanced with 500 more revolutions and water flow rate up to 50 mt^2 / hour.
  • Greater cleaning efficiency: the counter-rotation speed of the central brush is faster than the drone's forward speed.
  • Drone's forward speed: 1 meter in 3,5 seconds.
  • Cleaning capacity: 1 meter in 12 seconds.

Ease of maintenance

We have maintained all the features and capabilities of the previous version focusing expecially on camera adjustment, brushes exchange, lcleaning process and waterline.

The drone can be disassembled in all its components in order to facilitate a best safey and efficiency in routine maintenance operations for cleaning the propellers, replacing the brushes, wall-grips or natural rubbers, and also the engine in case of need.

Category: Boat
Category: Boat