Technical questions

Can I use the drone cable to transport or guide Keelcrab?

Not exactly. It is possible to move Keelcrab and pull it carefully by the cable only when the drone is in the water. Instead, either you have to take it out the water or you have to immerse it, we strongly advice to use the handle (standard KIT).

How to collect the vegetation removed by Keelcrab?

In the claw pack we provide the Keelcrab bag kit that is able to recover part of the vegetation removed through a nylon filter bag. In this way, you can avoid that part of the vegetation removed is able to stick again on the hull’s surface.

What’s the voltage?

220 VOLT or 110 VOLT (USA standard), converted in low voltage 48v

What’s its power consumption?

Maximum is 250 watt/hour and average consumption is 200 Watt/hour

What’s the standard length of the drone power cable?

Its length is 20 meters – Is the power cable reinforced ? Yes, it is reinforced with Kevlar (120Kg traction)

What’s the standard length of remote control cable?

The remote control cable length is 7 Meters.

What’s the Led power?

The Led power is 200 Lumen

How deep could it be used?

The maximum depth is 10 meters.

Process cleaning questions

What is Keelcrab drone able to remove?

Keelcrab cleaning function is set to make the drone able to remove algae and vegetation; numerous tests have proven its effectiveness even on boats moored in port waters since 6-12 months

Does Keelcrab remove mussels or barnacles? If not why?

It doesn’t for valid reasons. First of all, in case such organisms grow up on hull’s surface, it could mean two things: either the anti- fouling paint used is not suitable for the waters where the boat is moored or it’s been too long since the last time the anti-fouling has been drafted on the hull’s surface. Secondly, our experience has taught us that their removal on the water could be very dangerous for the safety of the hull and for its life cycle. Such organisms normally stick so hardly on the hull that their forcible removal through a large abrasion, is be able to provoke for sure the detachment of the paintings and in the worst cases this operation could compromise the physical integrity of gel coat causing as a result problems of moisture infiltration and osmosis. In such cases there’s no other solution but to take the boat out of the water and to let the dockyard make the standard cleaning cycle usually performer by raising the boat with crane.

Can I potentially clean all the hull’s surface using Keelcrab?

In terms of percentage, keelcrab is able to clean 80/90% of the hull of a sail boat and motor boat with planing hull by 40 feet and up leaving to the shipowner or professionals the shafts, propellers, rudders and corners

How many times do I need to use Keelcrab?

It depends from several factors such as the temperature and the type of water, presence of fresh water tributaries and seasonality. However, our experience allows us to say that if water temperature exceeds 22/23 degrees it is advisable to use it even once a month.

Does Keelcrab remove anti fouling paint?

Our certificated BRUSHS (A.N.C.C.P.) confirms that Keelcrab has the best respect for all fixed matrix anti-foulings and indeed its use prolongs the useful life of the chemical product because over time we remouve the first layers of vegetation we keeps the paint in direct contact with water. In the case of self-smoothing or mixed paints, the removal of the central brush is obligatory. The sucking effort of keelcrab in that case has the double effects to maintaining keelcrab in adherence and cleaning capacity. Our tests show how the use of keelcrab without brush (comparing the force of suction in kg and speed of advancement) simulate a navigation of about 2-3 knots and a means of advancement, stimulating the natural self-cleaning process of these paintings.


Is it possible to order an extension of the cable?

Yes of course, it possible to customize the length of both the drone cable either the remote control cable sending an email to .

Can I replace the brush myself?

The brushes are easy and fast to replace with an Allen key n.4 . Tutorial are available sending an email to with object “tutorial brush”


Measures of “Keelcrab Smart” 36x45x77 18 kg

Measures of  “Keelcrab Smart + Case pack” (with boxes for transportation) 75X80X50 25 kg

Hs code 84795000

Measures of ULTRACRAB 50X35X25 12Kg


500 hours or 2 year warranty on engine block, camera, led lights, electronics box and remote control excluding nylon brushes and rubber that depend on use but generally do more than 50/100 hours


Thorough rinsing in fresh water after every use; once completed the cleaning operation take care to use connector plugs and make sure to put away(store) electronics box and remote control in dry environment.

Technical course

  • In the reserved area of our website tutorial videos about basic assistance are available for all our customers ( send a mail to with drone serial number in order to receive the access password).
  • You can schedule with us a specific date for a training day in our company.
  • You can request a demonstration with the closest point in your geographical area.

Only for the Keelcrab points, we provide a phone and video call regarding extraordinary assistance.

Keelcrab Smart in your pool

I have to put keelcrab smart-bag for pool using?

Yes, In your pool you have to use a basket filter (keelcrab smart-bag standar dotation) with double nylon bag of different micrometer sizes to collect dirt. In this application with just a few simple steps, you can remove the central brush, insert the filter basket and switch to pool mode directly from the electronics box. In this way, Keelcrab may be used both on your boat and in your pool.

Does the drone move automatically in the pool?

YES! The drone moves automatically thanks to underwater sensors (for obstacle detection, waterline, wall climbing and route optimization).

Unique technical qualities:

thanks to our innovation efforts, this product is twice unique:it can be used on hulls (a feature that already makes it unique), but it can also be used to clean swimming pools. Compared with all other robots in the market, our underwater drone is the only one that cleans the waterline of your pool completely, thanks to its vacuum and sensor system. It is also equipped with a camera and LED lights for inspection purposes.


our technical department is available if You need information on the technical characteristics to use Keelcrab Smart in Your pool (also by whatsapp-service) in order to improve the control algorithm and the route of the drone.