Keelcrab Smart

Keelcrab Smart

Underwater drone for cleaning and inspecting hulls and pools.


  • SENSOR KIT AND MACHINE CONTROL ALGORITHM (REQUEST informations to customize your product)
  • CONNECTIVITY PACKAGE (USB port with HD video digitizer on ANDROID smartphones)

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You own both a pool and a boat?

This is the only underwater drone in the world that can take care of both your pool and your boat, as it can be moved from one use to the other in a few simple steps.


The drone has a double application; it is used:

  • on boats, using a counter-rotating brush with 0.35 nylon bristles, A.N.C.C.P. certified. It is managed manually, via the included remote control
  • and in pools,using a basket filter with double nylon bag of different micrometer sizes to collect dirt. In this application, the drone moves automatically thanks to underwater sensors (for obstacle detection, waterline, wall climbing and route optimization)

With just a few simple steps, you can remove the central brush, insert the filter basket and switch to pool mode directly from the electronics box. In this way, Keelcrab may be used both on your boat and in your pool.

Unique technical qualities

Thanks to our innovation efforts, this product is twice unique: it can be used on hulls (a feature that already makes it unique), but it can also be used to clean swimming pools. Compared with all other robots in the market, our underwater drone is the only one that cleans the waterline of your pool completely, thanks to its vacuum and sensor system. It is also equipped with a camera and LED lights for inspection purposes.


Our technical department is available if you need information on the technical characteristics to use Keelcrab Smart in your pool (also by whatsapp-service) in order to improve the control algorithm and the route of the drone.

General technical features

Keelcrab Smart has an exoskeleton in plastic  with neutral hydrostatic balance. The drone remains attached to the hull or to the wall of the pool, thanks to the vacuum/aspiration force, removing any algae or typical vegetation.

Thanks to its rubber or PVA brushes on tracks, the drone easily moves in all directions and on any surface.

When you use it on your boat, the high-resolution underwater camera installed on the drone allows Keelcrab Smart to be managed via a remote control with cable and may be connected to a tablet or a phone.


  • Fast cleaning

    Keelcrab cleans 2 m² per minute
  • Quick replacement of the brushes

    Brushes with different abrasive capacity to adapt to any cleaning need
  • IP68 camera and LED

    HD camera and powerful LEDs allow you to monitor the hull and check the conditions

Technical features

  • Power supply output: 24V/48V (low voltage)
  • Consumption: 200 Watt (can also be supplied by inverter)
  • Size and weight of the drone: 42,5cm x 42,5cm x 32cm (h) weight 10kg
  • Size of the Electronics control case: 31cm x 23cm x13h cm
  • Cleaning time: 2 m²/min
  • Standard Kevlar-reinforced (120 kg traction) neutral extruded power cable that can be extended a further 20m according to specific needs
  • Replaceable brushes with different abrasive levels
  • Air/water detection and scanning sensors with control algorithm that can be either standard or customized
  • Switch from manual to automatic mode.

Technical infos

Weight10 Kg
Length42,5 cm
Width42,5 cm
Height32 cm
Speed2 m²/min

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