Keelcrab Aquazoo

Keelcrab Aquazoo

Keelcrab AQUAZOO is an underwater drone for cleaning and inspecting aquarium tanks.


  • CONNECTIVITY PACKAGE (USB port with HD video digitizer on ANDROID smartphones)

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Keelcrab AQUAZOO is an underwater drone for cleaning and inspecting aquarium tanks. It was entirely designed in Italy and is the result of a collaboration between Keelcrab and Acquario di Genova. It is the only underwater drone in the world that can perfectly cling to and move in a straight line on the polycarbonate walls typical of these structures. It is characterized by an exoskeleton in plastic material with neutral hydrostatic balance and the following main features:

  • a central impeller (propeller), driven by a powerful electric motor, with the twofold function of keeping the drone attached to the surface and removing any vegetation, dirt or residues;
  • sponges or brushes with rubber bristles and tracks that allow it to easily move on any material (glass, methacrylate, etc.);
  • central brushes can be easily changed depending on theirabrasive level so as to clean the surface efficiently yet gently, thus preserving the physical integrity of the material (acrylic, concrete, tiles, rubber, liner);
  • camera and 400-lumen high-brightness led that send HDvideos toyour tablets or phones, thus simplifying tank inspection operations(for example in its technical elements), especially in less visible or darker

Furthermore, it is also possible to perform wiring on the edge of the tank so that the operator may carry out cleaning operations by driving the drone from different positions, thus reducing working time. Keelcrab AcquaZoo is the only underwater drone in the world that cleans acrylic surfaces preventing them from tarnishing while also avoiding any scratches, lines or imperfections, thus making them last longer.


  • Sensor kit

    for automatic drone movement
  • Optimization and customization

    of the machine control algorithm for the automatic version

Technical features

  • Power supply input: 110V/220V (standard equipment – Schuko)
  • Power supply output: 24V/48V (low voltage)
  • Consumption: 200 Watt (can also be supplied by inverter)
  • Drone size & weight: 42.5cm x 42.5cm x 32cm(h) weight 10kg
  • Dimensions Electronics control case: 31cmx23cmx13 cm (h)
  • Cleaning time: 2 m²/min
  • Standard Kevlar-reinforced (120 kg traction) neutral extruded power cable that can be extended a further 20m according to specific needs
  • Replaceable brushes with different abrasive levels
  • Air/water detection and scanning sensors with control algorithm that can be either standard or customized
  • Switch to pool mode or boat mode

Technical infos

Weight10 Kg
Length42,5 cm
Width42,5 cm
Height32 cm
Speed2 m²/min

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