Ultrasonic Antifouling

Ultrasonic Antifouling


ULTRACRAB is an ultrasonic high frequency emitter. Equipment designed to prevent algal blooms and crustacean over the boat hull and propellers. ULTRACRAB is a revolution in the conservation of ships, being simple to install and requiring low-maintenance, effective against biofouling that nests over the ship hull.


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What makes this ultrasonic antifouling device unique is the total absence of inconvenient and burdensome cabling and fixing operations on board (often carried out by technicians in charge). Ultracrab is supplied with a practical floating buoy which makes it quick to install and executable in no time by anyone.

The alternation of high frequency and variable power sound pulses (cyclic sound compositions) make this ultrasonic antifouling device the first emitter capable of achieving perfect efficiency both on the living work (of any material and related seacocks) and on the metal components.

The constant propagation of these sound waves causes damage to the vacuoles and cellular tissue by inhibiting cell coupling and vital functions and therefore the growth of algae or barnacles recording immediate changes in the color, density and root of the vegetation on the surfaces up to an overall coverage 20 meters long.

Ultracrab prevents the crustaceans formation (barnacles and mollusks) in the hull of the boat 


  • Easy to install: no need to change structurally the boat hull for installation (expensive). Ultracrab is fixed by a rope to the deck of the ship while docked
  • No expensive installation or wiring is required
  • Reduces maintenance out of the water (lifting, cleaning and repainting the hull). Extends the life of antifouling paint
  • Improves hull performance, speed and maneuverability
  • Saves fuel
  • It is environment-friendly as it does not use chemicals. It is not harmful to humans
  • Prevents crustaceans (barnacles and mollusks) in the hull of the boat
  • A software specifically developed for this purpose, allows the design of an ultrasound program adapted to each application
  • It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater

Technical table

Power supply (factory set)
Please check before use
115 VAC (93... 132 VAC) or 230 VAC (186... 264 VAC)
Supply voltage frequency50 / 60 Hz
Consumption60 - 130 W
Maximum rangeup to 82 feet (25 m)
Operating temperature range-10° C to +70° C
Operating basisMultifrequency (automatic)
Surge ProtectionYes
LED Operation indicatorIn control box
Electronic module protectionsYes
Cable protectionsYes
Environmental protectionIP56 (control box)
CE approvalEN 61000-6-1 (2007) & EN 61000-6-3 (2007) / A1 (2011)
UL approvalE183223 / E258355 Power supply
Weight10,6 kg (complete set)

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