The A.N.C.C.P. certification agency issues Keelcrab with a certificate of conformity.

After months of test simulations in tanks onto which were inserted sections of hulls properly painted with the main anti-fouling paints on the market, Aeffe srl has today obtained an important certification issued by the A.N.C.C.P. certification agency, stating that the original brush units of the Keelcrab robots do not remove the biocide substances present in the paints. What does this mean? Constant cleaning cycles, carried out by Keelcrab robots with original brushes certified by the parent company, revive the anti-fouling over-layer, preserving its active principles that slow down the natural formation of algae. In the medium term, this boosts the efficiency and the duration of the paints, thus reducing consumption and boosting performance for the boats. With silicon paints or other technologies that do not contain biocides, the problem is of course solved at the origin.